[Recipe] Pork with Salted Egg Sauce

We have a lot of salted eggs that’s been sitting inside our refrigerator for a while now, so since I wasn’t actually liking what our nanny’s planning to cook, I decided to just make dinner.

I cut up some pork cubes into more manageable pieces, fats and all, and tossed it in a dry mixture of salt, pepper and flour. I deep fried these until they’re golden brown and set them aside to drain the oil.

In another pan, I heated up a bunch of chilies and just tossed them around the pan. (There’s a lot of tossing in this recipe.) Once they’re nice and popping, I added the mashed salted egg yolks in along with some butter. I included a bit of the egg whites just to give that nice saltiness.

When the mixture was starting to bubble, I added in some evaporated milk, salt, pepper, butter and fish sauce. When the milk was a bit reduced, I tossed in (see? Tossing) the pork and just mixed everything up until all the pork was coated in the egg sauce.

Enjoy with hot, white rice.

What I used:

  • Pork cubes – guessing this is the belly part?
  • All-purpose flour
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Salted eggs
  • Red chilies
  • Butter
  • Evaporated milk
  • Fish sauce (we call this patis)

Pork with Salted Egg Sauce
Looks can be deceiving. It’s actually quite good despite the appearance.

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