[TV] Netflix X The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy

This is going to be short.

I just want to rave.

I just found out that Netflix has ordered a 10-episode live-action adaptation of The Umbrella Academy (written by Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Ba).

In case you have no idea what The Umbrella Academy is, here’s the synopsis from Wikipedia:

The Umbrella Academy initially takes place in an alternate history where John F. Kennedy was never assassinated, and is primarily set in 1977 (the year of writer Way’s birth), which is treated as the present. The titular team are described as a “dysfunctional family of superheroes” (akin to Marvel Comics Fantastic Four). In the mid-20th century, at the instant of the finishing blow in a cosmic boxing match, 43 superpowered infants are inexplicably born to random, unconnected women who showed no signs of pregnancy (it is hinted by a character implied to be God that they are collectively a modern-day incarnation of the Messiah). Sir Reginald Hargreeves a.k.a. The Monocle, an extraterrestrial disguised as a famous entrepreneur, adopts the surviving seven children, and prepares them to save the world from an unspecified threat as the Umbrella Academy. In Apocalypse Suite, the team disbanded and failed to stay in contact with each other until they were reunited upon the news of Hargreeves’ death, and subsequently reformed the team after one of their own number became a supervillain.

It’s quite a dark take on the whole superhero thing but it’s really good. I couldn’t put it down until I finished reading the first volume, Apocalypse Suite. Then I went on a rampaging hunt for the second volume, Dallas, until I was able to find a used copy in a store in Greenhills. I don’t really buy second-hand books, but it was hard to find anything remotely related to The Umbrella Academy during that time.

The series is set to be released next year, 2018, with no exact date yet.


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