[Movies] Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman

I really do think that I’m the only one I know who did not enjoy the new Wonder Woman movie. All my friends couldn’t believe that I didn’t like it when they were raving about it so much. I regret letting the boyfriend spend that much on the movie tickets, though he did like the movie, so not all’s wasted, I guess.

I had high hopes for Wonder Woman, I really did. All my hopes came crashing down like Superman, pierced by a Kryptonite arrow.

Obligatory spoiler warning though I doubt there’s a lot who hasn’t seen the movie yet.

The movie starts with Diana Prince in her office at the Lourve getting a gift from Bruce Wayne. It’s the original old photograph that Bruce sees in the BVS movie – the one with Wonder Woman and a bunch of other guys. Bruce then asks about Diana’s past.

So queue a young Diana in Themyscira with the rest of the Amazons. Being the daughter (and the only child in the island) of Queen Hippolyta, Diana was not allowed to train in combat like the other Amazons. But you know, given that this is a movie about Wonder Woman, we saw Hippolyta’s sister, General Antiope, defy the queen’s orders and trained Diana. Training was all Diana did until she grew up (first we see of Gal Gadot), and since Hippolyta discovered the secret training, Diana was trained harder than anyone. We also had a first glimpse of her gauntlets’ power during one of her sparring sessions with Antiope.

So after a brief “I-didn’t-mean-to-hurt-you-I’m-really-just-strong” moment with Antiope, Diana runs off to be alone. While sulking by the cliffs, she sees a giant bird fall out of the sky. (I am, of course, assuming that she thinks it’s a giant bird given that technology in Themyscira predates everything that is modern.) Off Diana swims towards where the giant bird crash only to find a human struggling to stay alive (and ultimately succumbing to death — I kid).

She drags the man to the beach and waits for him to wake up, without her having to perform any resuscitation, mind you, and we learn that he’s Captain Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). Then all hell breaks loose as a bunch of German infantry pass through the barrier that separates Themyscira from the real world because they were in pursuit of Steve. The German troops land on the beach and engage the Amazons in a brief melee. Steve and Diana help the Amazons fight off the Germans and kill them all off, but not without a loss – Antiope was one of the Amazons who died in battle.

After the battle, they interrogate Steve and the Amazons find out that the “War to End All Wars” (aka WWI) is currently happening and that he is an Allied spy. He was spying on the Germans and their new technology. Steve stole a notebook from a Dr. Poison and he needed to report back to his superiors to try and prevent more death from happening. The Amazons decide to send him back home. Diana wanted to go with him to learn more about the outside world and how it’s changed but Hippolyta won’t let her. So does she sit back and continue being the pampered princess? Of course not. She steals the Godkiller sword, a shield and the Lasso of Hestia. Then she gets Steve to guide her and bring him back to the other world. As they were preparing to leave, Hippolyta shows up and tells Diana that no, she’s not there to stop her and no, she might never find Themyscira ever again.

On a side note, we also learn that the Amazons were created by Zeus to help him bridge the gap between the gods and humans. Ares then stages a revolt, kills the gods and planned on killing all the humans but Zeus was able to blast him down. Zeus was implied to have died from his injuries, but not before he imparted a weapon to the Amazons that will help them defeat Ares again. This weapon was called the Godkiller. So aptly named, right?

Anyway, Steve and Diana arrive in London and they pretty much just run around the city. First, they get Diana dressed in a proper lady’s clothing then they deliver the notebook to Steve’s superiors. Diana was able to translate the notebook and it detailed plans to drop gas bombs that were deadlier than mustard gas or something. Steve’s bosses wanted to continue with the talks with the Germans for surrender, or something to that note, and forbade Steve and Diana to do anything else that might put the discussions in jeopardy.

If the two followed orders, then we wouldn’t be talking about anything else right now. Steve gathered a few more of his friends to help him (Sameer, Charlie and Chief) and Diana go to the war’s front lines since they believed that they can stop the Germans from releasing the gas. (Diana was also itching to confront Ares, whom she believed was the German General Erich Ludendorff.) While they were discussing their plans, along comes Sir Patrick who gives them money for their mission and wishes them well and told them that he was never there.

Off the team goes to the front lines. Diana sees a whole lot of suffering and death and hears that the town of Veld was under the Germans. This is the first time that we see Diana in action as Wonder Woman. She manages to push the German forces back and rescues the whole town on her own — with a bit of help from Steve, Sameer, Chief and Charlie. As a sign of gratitude, one local photographer takes the 5-man-team’s picture. Surprise! It’s the same picture that Bruce sent Diana at the beginning of the movie!!

The team then finds out that there’s a gala which Ludendorff and Dr. Poison are attending. Steve and Diana infiltrate but Diana manages to botch the mission and Ludendorff fires a test gas bomb on Veld, killing everyone that was previously saved by Diana and the team. This fires up Diana even more, fervently believing that if she killed Ludendorff (whom she even more fervently believes is Ares in disguise), the war would end and everything would be fine and dandy once again.

They follow Ludendorff to a German base and him and Diana face off while Steve and the rest try to disarm the bombs. Diana kills Ludendorff but everyone’s still thirsty for war. She has a bit of a break down at this point, especially after Steve tells her that it might not be Ares who’s influencing the men. But then, Ares appears! It was Sir Patrick all along! He taunts Diana, trying to make her join him in ridding the world of humans.

Diana, of course, resists Ares. They also start fighting and while they were at it, the Germans continue loading the big plane with the gas bombs until it was ready to take off. Steve and the gang realizes that the best possible way to disarm the bombs without any casualty is to blow the bomb when the plane was in the sky – 2 miles from the ground. So Wonder Woman and Ares are still at it until… the airplane carrying both the bombs and Steve just blows up.

Diana was stunned and for a moment, she forgets why she was fighting in the first place. Ares takes this as his cue to try and persuade Diana to join forces with him again. Then Diana miraculously recalls the muted conversation that she had with Steve before he boarded the plane. I say muted, because she was just in a blast so her ears were screwed up while Steve was talking to her. I guess being an Amazon grants you that power.

She then remembers that everything’s worth fighting for because of love. Yep, she regains her senses because of love. She finishes off Ares with the power of love. With Ares dead, there’s a bright new day awaiting and the remaining German soldiers along with Chief, Sameer and Charlie relish the sunrise with love. She saves the rest of the Allied world because of – you guessed it! – LOVE!

Steve dies though, so there’s that. Towards the end, when they were back in London, there’s a small memorial for the soldiers who perished during the war. Amidst the celebration, Diana remembers Steve because of…love.

I’m sorry. I really disliked the movie.It was an okay movie at first but everything went downhill just after the battle at Veld. The Veld instance was good, it showed how awesome Wonder Woman was at fights and it showed just how she could hold her own. But then they had to put in all those love concepts and it just ruined everything for me. I had the feeling that just because she’s female, all her motivation should come from love. Can’t she fight for justice? For friendship? For dignity? Anything but love?

Yeah, that’s my biggest gripe in the movie.

I personally did not like it. The movie was too cheesy. There were too many feelings in the movie and the fight scenes after Veld was just meh. Even the fight with Ares was mostly just throwing heavy objects at each other. I read Injustice and the fight with Ares was a whole lot better there than the movie haha. Heck, I liked the Batman Vs. Superman movie better than Wonder Woman. Though… I really am just the only one among my friends who did not like the movie. They keep telling me it’s because I lack the capacity to be moved by themes like love. Which…might be true, I don’t know.

Wonder Woman definitely wouldn’t make it to my Blu-Ray collection.


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