[DIY] Star Wars Terrariums – Deciding on the Scale

A few months back, while browsing Pinterest, I saw pictures of Star Wars terrariums. They’re pretty much normal terrariums but are Star Wars inspired.

These terrariums were made with either real plants or other materials made to look real. Then figures were added to give a more genuine Star Wars feel to it.

So the first time I saw those pictures, I knew that I wanted to create terrariums too and decorate my room with it.

It’s just a matter of deciding the scale that I want the terrariums to be in. The usual 3.75″ might be a bit too big especially if I wanted to add in ships (think Dagobah with Luke and his X-Wing). I had to find toys that are small but varied enough that I didn’t need to build anything from scratch.

Enter Micromachines. They’re small enough and they have a lot of variations out on sale.

I already own a few Micromachines but I don’t have any plans on opening them since I don’t open toys with Han Solo in them. Luckily, I was in our local Toys ‘R Us earlier and found that they have the recent Micromachine releases on sale.

Php200 for the ship-only sets and Php400 for the ones with characters in them. I knew I had to buy these and use them for the terrariums. (The R2-D2 and Stormtrooper Head playsets were being sold for Php350 only while blind bags were going for Php100.)

These were the sets that I got:

Star Wars Micromachines
First Order TIE Fighter Attack

Star Wars Micromachines
Rebel Pursuit

Star Wars Micromachines
Rebellion Rising

Star Wars Micromachines
Assault on Scarif

Star Wars Micromachines
Mandalorian Melee

Star Wars Micromachines
Resistance Base
So with these, I’ll be able to make terrariums for D’Qar, Scarif, Exogorth, Atollon and at the same time, I could hopefully manage to create space-themed terrariums. Next on agenda will be to plan the environment for these terrariums and to buy the containers as well as the other materials needed to start.

I’d probably give myself one month to finish one and I’ll try to document what I did so that I’ll have a reference for my future terrariums.


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